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Vision Is More than Your Visual Acuity

Your child’s vision is about more than seeing well—their eyes need to work together to focus and process information. Many of these visual skills develop as they grow, but your child may experience a delay in a certain skill, affecting their overall vision. 

A vision problem can affect many aspects of your child’s life, including their school performance, social relationships, and self-esteem. If your child is struggling in school or other activities, our team can help them retrain their visual skills.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy involves using specialized exercises to improve your child’s visual skills and abilities. Your child completes different at-home and in-office exercises over several weeks or months. Addressing these visual problems can help treat conditions that affect your child’s ability to learn, read, and focus effectively.

Vision therapy can help address several common problems, including:

Vision Therapy Treatment

The goal of vision therapy is to retrain certain aspects of your child’s vision, helping the eyes work together more efficiently. 

Depending on your child’s condition, there are several reasons they may need vision therapy. We can help develop or improve fundamental visual skills, improve visual comfort and efficiency, and change how your child processes or interprets visual information.

What Exercises Does Vision Therapy Use?

We will recommend exercises depending on the problem that we’re treating, but some possible options include:

  • Barrel cards
  • Brock strings
  • Hart charts
  • Patching
  • Pencil push-ups
  • Variable tranaglyphs

Results differ from person to person. Some people may need a few weeks, while others need months to see noticeable improvements. We can answer any questions you may have about the length of treatment.

Vision therapy is common for children, but anyone can benefit from these exercises! Visual skills can improve at any age and help you work and focus more effectively.

We Can Help Train Your Eyes

Struggles in school may mean more than a lack of focus—a visual problem can affect your child in many ways. With vision therapy, we can help retrain your child’s visual skills and help them see more effectively. Contact us if your child has visual struggles, and we can discuss vision therapy. 

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