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Memorial Eye Center is here for your eyes. We want to help maintain your vision by providing thorough eye exams and several innovative treatments to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vision.

Comprehensive eye exams take a look at the health of your eyes—and they help make sure you are seeing clearly. Our team also helps diagnose and treat dry eyes, eye diseases and conditions, myopia, and more!

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Intense Pulsed Light For Dry Eyes

Living in Texas means you may experience dry eyes. Memorial Eye Center is here to help resolve your dry eye issues—whether they only occur at certain times of the year or have become a daily issue.

One of the ways we help treat dry eyes is with intense pulsed light, which sends warm waves of light beneath your skin’s surface, treating the glands in your eyes and promoting healthy tear flow. The Lumenis intense pulsed light treatment is innovative and effective for treating dry eyes at their source.

Find out more about dry eyes and discover the symptoms on our Dry Eye Therapy page.

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You can find us at the corner of East Fwy and Garth Road, in the shopping center.

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