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Children’s Eyesight Is Crucial for Learning, Reading, & Interacting

Without effective eyesight, your child may struggle to interact with others or succeed in school. At Memorial Eye Center Baytown, we believe it’s important to provide your child with the best opportunities for success as they grow up. 

Vision screenings are common in school, but they cannot get a complete picture of your child’s eye health. At our clinic, we look at your child’s eye as a whole to catch any abnormalities early and provide effective treatment. 

Our staff has years of experience working with children and can provide a comfortable environment for your entire family. 

Why Do Children Need Eye Exams?

Children’s eyes go through substantial change as they grow into adults. They gradually learn the visual skills they need to interact with the world around them. A vision problem can affect your child’s ability to learn, read, and play.

Comprehensive eye exams can help us catch problems early, helping protect your child’s vision. Vision problems for children like myopia, strabismus, and amblyopia can be identified and addressed through specialized treatments.

Some common vision problems for children include:

When Should Your Child Have an Eye Exam?

Your child should have their first eye exam when they’re only a few months old to check for any present issues. The amount of testing we perform will change as your child grows older and reaches different visual milestones in their development. 

According to the American Optometric Association, a child’s first eye exam should happen between 6 and 12 months of age. They should then have at least one examination between ages 3 and 5. After age 6, they should receive an annual exam until adulthood. 

These are only guidelines, so we may need to see your child more frequently depending on present eye conditions, family history, and other relevant factors.

Signs Your Child May Have a Vision-Related Issue

If your child has a vision problem, they may not notice anything is wrong, especially if they’ve had it from a young age. To them, their vision is normal, so it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of a problem. 

Your child may have a vision problem if they: 

  • Frequently squint to see
  • Hold reading material closely 
  • Experience headaches
  • Have blurry vision 
  • Have a short attention span
  • Lose their place while reading 
  • Avoid reading & other close-up activities
  • Frequently turning their head to the side

We Can Help Your Child’s Vision as They Grow

Your child’s vision is essential as they become an adult. With regular eye examinations, we can help catch any issues early and protect your child’s vision as they grow. Contact us if it’s time for your child’s next eye exam.

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